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Advantage Performance

Right People. Right Design.

  • Client: Advantage Performance Group

Advantage needed a web update to launch a new strategic initiative.


Do one thing every day that scares you.

  • Client: Clarity Advantage

Eleanor Roosevelt said it. Clarity Advantage explains how to do it.

About Paula Doubleday Design

We help you build your visual voice.

Great design communicates, inspires, persuades, engages. We don’t just make things pretty, we build communication tools that work. We ask questions and listen to understand our clients’ business, audience, goals, and expectations. This collaborative energy inspires us to think broadly, kick around ideas, and find the right design solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

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Two Cents


When a Password Isn’t a Password

A few years ago I was working on a project and was missing some critical content. The writer was unfortunately in Europe on vacation. However she called her housesitter and arranged for me to come…

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Google Think

In the late-80s a man I knew from UC Press in Berkeley told me he was creating a reference manual listing content on an information channel called the Internet (I cannot attest to the actual…

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10 lbs of Stuff in a 5 lb Bag

I’ve been working out with a personal trainer to resolve some issues that I love to blame on sitting at the computer for too many years. He wears Five Finger shoes and suggested that I…

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punctuation spaces

Punctuation: Taking Up Two Spaces

About once a week I take myself out to lunch for a break, fresh air, and a little calm time. My favorite sushi place shares a parking lot with Trader Joe’s. I love TJ but…

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