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10 lbs of Stuff in a 5 lb Bag

Posted by Paula Doubleday

05 Mar 2012 — No Comments

Posted in presentations


I’ve been working out with a personal trainer to resolve some issues that I love to blame on sitting at the computer for too many years. He wears Five Finger shoes and suggested that I get a pair. With their separate toe sections and thin sole, the shoes give your feet a protected experience of being barefoot, thus strengthening your foot muscles and improving balance. I think he is brilliant and fork out the money for these shoes.

The fabulous shoes arrive; I wear them for six hours and decide I am in love. At the grocery store, someone stops me and says “What do you think of those shoes?” I can’t help myself and proceed with a long explanation of my movement issues, why I got the shoes, blahblahblah. This stranger glazes over and starts to back up. Then I realize I just needed to say, “I love them. They’ve improved my balance and are strengthening my feet.”

This is exactly what clients do in their PowerPoint decks. 10 lbs. of information in a 5 lb. bag. There is a notion that if one puts a heading on a slide that says “Objectives”, all 10 objectives must go ON that slide with each explained in detail. By then the font is an unreadable 14 pt. Nevermind that the audience sees the slide, glazes over at the amount of content, or worse yet, reads the bullets rather than listening to the presentation.

Bottom line: Reduce the text on each slide. Stick to your main points and TALK through them rather than READ through them. Your audience will pay more attention. And we’ll make it look great.

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