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Google Think

Posted by Paula Doubleday

12 Mar 2012 — No Comments

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In the late-80s a man I knew from UC Press in Berkeley told me he was creating a reference manual listing content on an information channel called the Internet (I cannot attest to the actual language he used to explain this). I didn’t know what this meant and he explained there was information out there but no listings for how to access it. This was before Google, Yahoo, or Netscape Navigator (remember that?). The innovation since then has been extraordinary and most of us can’t remember how we found information before we could Google it.
As a designer I am always impressed by Google’s ability to build visually pleasing, user-friendly products. So it was no surprise when in March 2011 Google rolled out an online magazine, Google Think Quarterly. The first issue was about innovation, and the beauty of this publication is innovative in itself. Beautiful font usage, layout, images are stunning and illustrative. The content matches the beauty.
The second issue is on speed. Everything changes so quickly. We are inundated with information, images, breaking news. If you haven’t had the pleasure of a Google Think bookmark, you are in for a treat.

+ Google Think Quarterly


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