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Do one thing every day that scares you.

  • Client: Clarity Advantage

No more…fear is an e-book that outlines 6 ways to build confidence in talking to business owners. How to get your ducks in line, determine what the client’s issues are, and drive a conversation that results in a successful sale. Be fearless.

Why the lion?

In the foreward to the book, Nick Miller talks about being afraid of dogs. You can get over your fear of dogs, just as you can get over your fear of selling. But lions? Hmmm. No, you should remain afraid of those.

Fearless design.

When we read Nick Miller’s e-book we could see the opportunity to use clever, visual humor to get the point across, and create graphic themes to engage and guide the reader through the process. In other words, we had to be fearless in our design.

A landscape format was chosen to give the immediate impression that this wasn’t your average e-book. Simple page layouts, graphic headers denoting sections, and comment call-outs throughout to highlight key points with humor.

Paula can make gopher holes look like castles (in a good way!) in varieties of styles and colors. She developed a vision for our visual themes. Our Paula-designed web site, client deliverables, marketing materials, product slicks, and sales campaign materials have earned unsolicited “oohs and aahs” from our clients and prospects.

Nick Miller, CEO, Clarity Advantage

Results you can count on.

The book has been a great success, and we continue to build supporting materials. A No more…fear section was added to the website, sales meeting materials developed, and t-shirts designed.

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