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Freezer to table in 15 minutes.

  • Client: Clarity Advantage

Most sales managers will tell you they don’t have time to develop training materials for their sales meetings. Time is precious. Clarity Advantage has created a series of Sales Meetings in a Box, pre-fab, 60-minute meetings that provide detailed instructor notes, participant activities, and each one has its own fun, fresh theme. Think TV dinner, but with good food.

Topics for these one-hour sessions include prospecting, questioning, handling objectives, negotiation, and more.

Time is short. Keep it simple.

Our task was to develop a simple format that provides the manager with clear, easy-to-use instructions to conduct the meeting with minimal preparation. Participant materials are very simple, often just a half-page sheet with key points or space to fill in action items as part of an exercise. Visuals are bright, colorful, clever. Nick Miller, CEO at Clarity has the brilliance to pick a theme, tell a story and relate it to learning. Who else would come up with a Hotter Together Hot Sauce? Smart!

Paula has been a driving force in creating a consistent brand for Clarity Advantage and carrying it through all of our communications including our website, marketing and sales collateral, conference materials, and prospecting campaigns. She is highly creative, full of fresh of ideas, and knows intuitively what will resonate strongly with our target audience, which translates into winning results for us.

Karen Tunks, Clarity Advantage

Capture their interest. Every time.

Themes included basketball, at the beach, baseball, and of course, the hotter sauce. The materials arrive IN a box with a crisp graphic label to start the energy and excitement flowing! Oh, and each box has a gift to go with the theme, such as a real bottle of Hotter Together Hot Sauce! Wow. Gifts, training, ready-to-go, fun. Results: Excellent.

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