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Good presenters aren’t born, they’re made.

  • Client: DeFinis Communications

DeFinis Communications provides a broad spectrum of focused public speaking workshops to help speakers of all levels be more effective in their presentation skills and overcome their fear of speaking. DeFinis came to us looking for an updated website, as well as an update on the logo.

Lively client, lively color palette.

Based on Angela DeFinis’ boundless creative energy, we constructed a warm, approachable, and lively color palette for her new website​. Additionally, the logo got a face-lift with a new font and a brighter, snappier red swish to reflect the energy of the company. With an ongoing, consistent social media commitment, DeFinis Communications has experienced great success with the site.

I have worked with Paula Doubleday on numerous projects since 2006. She is a top professional with a great eye for design and the technical skills to match. Paula is a superb collaborator able to quickly and creatively solve any design challenge. Best of all she is fun and funny!

Angela DeFinis, Principal, DeFinis Communications


If you are teaching people how to present you better have a sharp PowerPoint presentation to make your points. Collaborating with Angela and her excellent intuition resulted in a wonderful, lively deck, full of powerful photos, concise text, and well-paced.

In addition to the website we provided new collateral materials, spec sheets and PowerPoint presentations for her workshops.



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