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  • Client: Clarity Advantage

Clarity Advantage was looking for a fresh look for their website update. Clearer navigation and site structure, streamlined content, sharper writing, and a clever tone. We were up to the task.

Clarity provides consulting and instructional materials for the small and mid-sized banking industry to accelerate sales. The personality of the company is one of energy, humor, a unique approach for a business focused on the financial industry. We needed to create a site well-structured and neatly ordered, while highlighting the sharp, clever language, quotes, and photography choices. When a client is creative, it’s a joy to reflect in the design.

When we’ve asked for quick turnarounds, Paula’s been there.  When we have wandered away from our look, she has pulled us back. When we’ve produced visually sloppy materials on our own, she has cleaned up them up…with gentle reminders to stay on course.  She is our visual brand champion. We trust her completely.

Nick Miller, CEO, Clarity Advantage

Minimal design. Maximum impact.

The home page was designed with a minimal approach, grid-based, plenty of white space, and a classic Futura font. The content was supplied by Clarity and reinforced the minimal, get-to-the-point approach. Navigation is focused on services, why engage us, and articles and tools. We built a password-protected premium section of the site along with a shopping cart to support the purchase of books and tools. Webinars on Demand are posted in video format as well.

A key portion of the site is the blog. Nick Miller, owner of Clarity Advantage is a prolific blogger and has many years of his Weekly Sales Thoughts archived on the site. This is one of our favorite blogs, by the way. If you prefer to listen rather than read, the posts are now available as podcasts.

We love relationships.

We have been fortunate to have the trust of Clarity Advantage as we continue to work with them to increase their offerings.

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