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As we began our efforts to redo our company website, it was clear that we needed a logo update. Since our last branding, the business has made a huge shift towards the web and online products. We wanted a clean, minimalistic look with a bright color palette.

Day squared…huh?

It was a number of years ago that a client referred to us as “Day Squared.” We liked it and ran with it for our logo. People who are math-focused, and you know who you are, have told us that “Day Squared” does not equal “Doubleday.” We aren’t actually sure what it equals since we can’t do math if there are letters involved. However, we still love it. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

Fonts and shapes oh my.

It’s tough to design for ourselves when the sky is the limit! There are so many fonts we love. So many color palettes. We did a lot of playing around with colors and fonts, different shapes, all with the goal of creating a clean, minimal brand for our new website. Ultimately, we went with a simple green circle and the very classy, ever-popular, Futura Light font. Yum.

We’ve posted a few of the other ideas, but think you’ll agree the final solution does it’s job, met our goals and we are very, very happy clients.


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