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Visa education.

  • Client: Visa USA

We’ve had the pleasure of working with our friends at Visa since 1996. Our work is primarily focused in the risk management arena, developing manuals, workshop materials, and presentations that educate member banks and merchants about fraud management, operating regulations, and best practices.

Working within the Visa Brand guidelines, we build documents ranging from one-page flyers to 200-page educational manuals. The documents are built in Adobe InDesign and follow an established format. Graphics and flow charts are created in Adobe Illustrator to provide interest and explanation.

We have also designed the user interface for an in-house content management system, systems software programs, a Flash software marketing tool, email formats to promote Visa educational seminars, and more.

The work we produce for Visa is confidential so the images we show here are minimal.

We look forward to talking about your new projects. Give us a call. We love coffee breaks →