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  • Client: Lifeplan Institute

10 million kids in 10 years.

There are many young people in the U.S. that need support in building a lifeplan, to know they can achieve their dreams and aspirations, and that there are opportunities in the world for them. Lifeplan Institute is a nonprofit that supports youth between the ages of 11-19 in all socio economic areas by helping them build a sustainable lifeplan and ultimately take charge of their own life’s destiny.

Change the conversation.

John Hoskins at Lifeplan Institute says “if you change the conversation with employees, you change the culture; in the mentoring world, we believe that if you change the conversation with the mentee, you change their choices.” We are proud to be involved in this effort.

We needed to engage three communities.

The website has three audiences:

  • People interested in being mentors which requires 1-2 days a month of participation
  • Corporations and individuals donating money in support of this effort
  • The kids themselves who want to be in control of their life

The site design focused on bright colors, simple content, clear navigation so each audience would know where to go, easily access information and video,  and get excited enough to get involved. It’s working.

Need inspiration? Read this.

Get inspired to help by reading the blog of Co Founder Andy Mecca, a true champion for these kids at

+ More: Lifeplan Institute identity case study

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