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Team Players

Paula Doubleday
Principal, lead designer, head dog lap, caffeine lover

I love learning about new businesses, their problems and goals, and then collaborating to build design solutions. Technology provides an endless stream of new opportunities and challenges to the work we do. It’s never boring. There is nothing comparable to that moment of “aha”, whether it is from our team or the client, when we come up with the next great idea. That’s what we work for. Well, that and the next cup of coffee.

Jennifer Wengler
Production manager, detail fanatic, math wizard

For over 18 years I’ve been providing our clients with the back-end work for our team. Production management requires a focused attention to detail and consistency. I never met a comma I didn’t like! My major area of focus has been with our instructional materials, engaging with clients, revising to ensure documents are not only accurate, but properly branded and provide the information design we are known for. Oh, did I mention my love of coffee?

Lorem Ipsom
Copywriter and head nubbin

Lorem has been with the company since its inception in 1997. While few understand Lorem, he provides the team with an endless supply of copy when our clients can’t think of what to say. He works late, up early, and all marvel at his rabid use of the language. We love it when he says “Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud.” And we are exercitatum magnum to have Lorem on our team.



Furry Team Players

No office is complete without a full staff and ours is demonstrably furry. However our hiring standards are high, performance objectives reviewed and measured quarterly, and these folks still have a job.


Ricky has been with us since February 2010, though he is still learning in training. This well-fed young man is busy in the office, rearranging and organizing papers (and recycling), as well as instigating “energy” with the rest of the staff. He is not allowed to drink coffee (even decaf), but does insist on an afternoon snack.



Jack has been with us for over 5 years. He is adept at two things: sleeping and keeping track of what is going on outside. He can hear a car from 300 yards and a squirrel from anywhere within a one mile radius. No danger of silent attack from either.




Davey lost his job in December 2011. We hired a recruiter,, and requested a smart, older dog, knowing that the office needed the wisdom that only comes with age and experience. Davey  appreciated having a place to go everyday and his motto to the other staff was “Settle down and be happy you work here”. Davey retired to the big agency in the sky and we miss his presence.

Lap Warmer
Lap warmer extraordinaire, Sophie, an anticipatory purrer, makes her way across the desk, steps on the keyboard and does the big lap plop. Typos are usually blamed on Sophie, but she has big shoulders. We would give her more work than this, but she isn’t that bright. She thinks it’s enough to be cute.


Sneaky Pete
On disability
Sneaky is a lesson in the “be careful what you name your animals” category. Sneaky used to be office manager, but it proved emotionally overwhelming. She is also not too happy with our latest hires and refuses to come into the office. When she is ready to return to work, we’ve agreed she will telecommute.