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There’s No Crying in Technology

Posted by Paula Doubleday

20 Feb 2012 — No Comments

Posted in technology


An associate called me yesterday morning and said she stayed up late last night trying to figure out how to add hyperlinks in a pdf.

“I’ve done it before and I couldn’t remember how to do it. I looked everywhere and it was so frustrating and this pdf is due to the client and can you tell me how to do this?”

Breathe and…you should’ve called me. She spent a lot of energy and frustration needlessly. I directed her to the correct Acrobat menu and drilled down three levels to access the hyperlink tool. She is thrilled and gets off the phone to finish her document.

This is the mentor tiers concept: Always know someone you can call that knows more than you do.

Technology changes all the time. It can be overwhelming. For many people, they know what they know and don’t have the time to learn more…until they get stumped. We all do it. I mentor  a lot of people who need basic Microsoft Office or Acrobat help. I am always glad to help someone out of a frustrating technical hole.

Similarly, I have several mentors, some human, some not, with greater knowledge that I can contact. If there is no one to call and you can’t figure it out, go to Google. Search for phrases that describe your problem, such as “black line around jpeg in PowerPoint” or “can’t delete table in Word crashing”. You will be surprised at how many responses are on the web. You can bet your issue has happened to others.

So pay it forward and help someone in need. Develop a list of folks to call when you get in a pinch.

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